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Our Orange Socks Philosophy

We wear orange socks because we know there is always something to be gained from getting out of our comfort zone.

If you keep doing the same research, you will get the same answers. FI'er's are critical thinkers and creative research designers. Our Orange Socks Philosophy of being different and pushing boundaries drives innovative approaches to deliver the results you require.


Meet the Fresh Intelligence Senior Executive Team


Call us today for an Orange Socks workshop

Our Orange Socks workshop includes a two hour session with one of our thought leaders (FI'er), and yes a free pair of Orange Socks for all attendees.

Topics include:

  • Sector insights and innovative models to achieve insights, including success stories.
  • Global Innovation in your industry. 
  • The growth of e-commerce as a key sales channel for CPG's
  • Sustainable Development
  • Brick to Click: Unlock growth opportunities by learning how to push boundaries, innovate, and think differently

The session is interactive, engaging, educational, and extremely fun. 
All attendees receive a signed copy of Wake up or Die, Corrine Sandler’s Advantage best-selling book, and our renowned Orange Socks