Got Resilience? You’re Going To Need It.

In my book WAKE UP OR DIE, I talk about the importance of this often overlooked strength to keeping yourself alive on the battlefield that is the business world today. 

Resilience is the ability to maintain core purpose over the widest variety of circumstances with integrity. Successful generals access their strategic situation in terms of the weather, the terrain, the leadership, the discipline and the way. Companies can become more resilient if they continually assess themselves using the same five factors. When a company assesses its vulnerabilities to weather, for instance, it should not think of only natural disasters but additionally consider all of the storms that swirl around it. Pandemics, economic disasters, civil chaos—each of these brings its own challenges. A resilient company anticipates crisis and objectively determines what the consequences might be. 

A company’s terrain is not only its geography but also its internal terrain, its network, which actually performs the actions needed by the company.Thus, in assessing its terrain, the resilient company recognizes strengths and weaknesses and whether disasters are likely to magnify weaknesses while reducing its strength. 

A resilient company recognizes successful leadership during the response to disaster. The company decisions made during recovery from any disaster often will be hundreds or even thousands of individual decisions made by those in the company. 

Lastly, resilient companies will exert discipline by planning for disasters and by practicing those plans. The resilient company will strive to achieve a coherent moral accord and a shared vision across the entire company about what it should stand for. Chaos can be avoided if everyone’s working from the same playbook.

Donovan Bond

Toronto, Canada