Research Tools That Challenge Boundaries

TORONTO — February 15, 2011 — Fresh Intelligence Research Corp., a leader in innovative brand and market research, will present its groundbreaking research models EmintelligenceTM and Glocalization ScoreTM at the upcoming ESOMAR global conferences taking place February 27, 2011 in Brussels and March 20, 2011 in Melbourne. ESOMAR, an organization committed to advancing and elevating market research, has also recognized Fresh Intelligence’s EmintelligenceTM model, which measures emotional intelligence, as a paper of gold standard.
Brussels, Belgium, February 27, 2011: Corrine Sandler, CEO of Fresh Intelligence, to present at ESOMAR’s shopper insights conference on measuring emotional intelligence using the latest research methodology Emintelligence.

“Emotional intelligence is a sophisticated form of information that global brands are constantly trying to understand in an effort to develop emotional connections and loyalty with their customers,” says Corrine Sandler, CEO of Fresh Intelligence. “To help brands tap into the unconscious mind of the shopper, Fresh Intelligence has developed Emintelligence, a revolutionary model that enables the long-lasting success of a brand’s shopper-centric marketing vision. We are excited to present results and strategic recommendations at ESOMAR this month.”
Melbourne, Australia March 20-22 2011: Fresh Intelligence will unveil Glocalization ScoreTM at the ESOMAR Asia Pacific 2011 conference in Melbourne. Glocalization ScoreTM is Fresh Intelligence’s proprietary, actionable tool that will significantly advance the field of global brand tracking and communication research by facilitating the measurement of brand values to country values.
“Multicultural targeting is every global brand’s dream, but there are no metrics in place to truly know how brand strategy adaptations resonate with the values of different cultural communities,” says Olga Churkina, Research Director of Fresh Intelligence. “With the Glocalization ScoreTM marketing strategists will be better able to adjust and accommodate brand communication to local values while keeping true to the global brand’s core essence.”

Fresh Intelligence will also reveal the results from the top 15 brands in the world measured in five countries around the world using the Glocalization ScoreTM at the ESOMAR Asia Pacific 2011 conference

Donovan Bond

Toronto, Canada