Five steps to being a better boss


What kind of boss are you? Your employees will tell you – without saying a word. Company morale reflects your management style, and impacts your bottom line in ways great and small. If your employees feel disrespected, threatened, or unheard, they are likely to resort to doing just enough work to stay hired. In turn, the quality of your company’s services, of your company’s products and intensity of their production will suffer. ‘Turned-on’ people figure out how to beat the competition, while ‘turned-off ’ people only complain about being beaten by the competition. Instilling enthusiasm among employees is the greatest asset you can have: People of a company, make a company, and they come first. Be a better boss by acting like a leader you’d want to follow:

(1) Jump On The Grenade. When something goes wrong, a great leader steps up, and steps in. Don’t use the royal “we” – use “I”, take responsibility, get involved in fixing it, and tell your employees, “I can help. I need your help”. That creates what
I call the ‘we’ with a real meaning.

(2) Spend As Much Time Listening As You Do Talking. In addition to soliciting honest feedback, trust, honesty and confidence are critical to effective communication, especially during times of crisis. You have to give people the sense that you know what’s happening and that you have a strong strategy to fix it. Beyond that, you have to tell people what they can do to help. 

(3) By Giving Respect Freely To Others, You Earn It For Yourself. You cannot command respect without respect being commanded back. Respect for ourselves guides our morals, and respect for others guides our manners. Everyone, from the person who cleans your building to your second-in-command, deserves the same respect you want for yourself. Show that you appreciate them in meaningful, public ways. Respect breeds respect.

(4) Work With Like-Minded People. As Sun Tzu puts it, ‘He will win whose army is animated by the same spirits throughout all his ranks and this is the strategy of working with likeminded people’. Intelligent leaders know their employees. If you don’t connect with an employee on any level, get rid of him or her, because the lack of respect coming from you means that employee won’t respect or carry your vision forward.

(5) Social Intelligence is Key. Knowing what will cultivate loyalty and approval and what will come off as egotistical, insecure and insensitive is more than just getting along. It’s about getting ahead with people. 

Corrine Sandler is the founder and CEO of Fresh Intelligence Research Corp. (a global Market Research Agency), and ValidateIt™ (Better Business decision software platform).  She is also an Advantage best-selling author of Wake Up or Die, and an award-winning, dynamic professional speaker. As a renowned entrepreneur, she led Fresh Intelligence to PROFITS fastest growing companies in 4 years and has been on the W100, Top 100 Woman Entrepreneurs list three years in a row. Inspiring, ingenious, and innovative: