One Brilliant Idea That's Lighting Up the World

What can you do with $5?

Well, you could get a Mocha Frappucino -- or you can buy hope for kids who sorely need it. Yes, this is a pitch – let’s call it my elevator pitch for changing the world. Hold off on ordering that coffee for a minute, because I’ve got something you’re going to savor even more.

See those girls in the picture above? They’re smiling, because people just like you helped BuildOn to build them the school their village lacked – and with it, the opportunity to get a life-changing education.

Why is this charity so important to me? I wish I had a story to tell you about growing up barefoot in a developing country, or not being able to write my name at the age of 20 – but I don’t, because like most of you I was fortunate enough to be born into a life of comfort and security. One thing I did grow up with was with blinkers on my eyes to the crushing poverty around me during the apartheid regime in Johannesburg, South Africa, where millions were unschooled, illiterate and hopeless. It was easier then to look away – but I can’t look away now.

Can you? Please don't.

I’ve got an acronym I love, MTWGA: Make the world go around. What if your five dollars and mine, put together, could MTWGA for a few underprivileged, beautiful children like those above – then they could MTWGA for their kids, and so on? My mission and the mission of BuildOn is to solve the global education crisis one brick at a time. Take a look at this video: That Frappucino will be gone in twenty minutes – but the light you could kindle with that same five bucks will last a lifetime for these kids and their village.

My first school - OUR first school - will be built in the Dhangadhi region of Nepal, near the boarder of India, where I will spend 2 weeks living in the village and pouring the foundation of our school with the local Nepalese community. Can you give up that Frappucino for just one day, and MTMGA? That’s all I am asking of you - just $5 to help these beautiful kids have a school and a right to be educated. Please, make a donation right now, and help me reach my goal by sharing this page on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Even better, send an e-mail to friends you think might be interested in contributing and include this link. Let’s MTMGA together, one brick at a time.