"I would rather die of passion than of boredom." -- Vincent Van Gogh

            How many entrepreneurs out there would agree with that? You’re already nodding your head, aren’t you?

            The truth is, life as the CEO of a start-up is anything but boring. It’s like what they say about a life in the arts; if you can think of anything else you’d just as soon do, then you’d better do it. But if the siren song of start-up is singing in your ears, there’s just no way to block it out. It’s a great ride, and never more exciting than at the very beginning, when it’s all blue sky and limitless upside possibilities. It’s a kind of falling in love; you’re running on passion, and the thrill of the chase keeps you charging forward. You know, somewhere in your heart, that there might be white-knuckle rapids ahead – but you dismiss those thoughts, confident in the durability of your dream.

            I could tell you a lot (and I will! More to come…) about my own start-up rides, and the thrill of seeing my dreams take shape, gain strength, and move mountains. About the satisfaction of sharing it with other like-minded people, of the joys of growing a team, and of leading them forward. There’s absolutely nothing like it in the world – and nothing less boring.

Sometimes, though, like Vincent, these start-up stars fall because they’re ahead of their time, and too far out in front of the consumer they’re aiming at. Advances in technology, in data science and the accessibility of affordable, accurate DIY market research means that no longer has to happen.

My dream right now is to empower the dreamers; to help them steer their passionate course to the stars, by eliminating so many of the risks that as dreamers we’ve had to assume up until now. As much as we love to tell our war stories, battles lost can be costly and painful. Too many of them, and the wheels can come off of your ride for good. It’s a business I’m excited to be in, because the passion of entrepreneurs is so dear to my own heart. And that’s what it’s all about, really – disrupting the way things have been, for the better. Making it different, and making a difference; taking the ride.

            Entrepreneurs, I salute you one and all: You wake up every day with the future squarely in your sights, and your fate held firmly in your own hands. It’s not always easy or smooth – but it’s never, ever boring.