Money has always been a reliable way to get what you need; if you’re a big business without the in-house expertise to do your own market research, you could hire a company like mine to do it for you – assuming of course you had the $20,000 or more to pay. And you’d get your money’s worth and then some, because in today’s economy, you can’t hope to succeed if your decisions are not data-driven.

A Harvard Business Review report tells us that lack of research is one of the top five reasons products fail; according to another study, a full 85% of new products brought to market don’t get traction with consumers. Everyone talks about the value of failure, but I’ve yet to meet an entrepreneur whose hopes have been dashed and whose company has been forced in to bankruptcy that has enjoyed the ride.

            That’s why I’ve developed Validateit, powered by Google Consumer Surveys; to make insights available and affordable to all businesses, at 90 percent lower cost than traditional research. It’s nothing short of a tectonic shift in the world of information access.

Up until now, start-up entrepreneurs and small businesses have had to rely on their “gut” to make decisions, because reliable market research was beyond their budget. No more: With ValidateIt, decision makers receive 100 respondents, and the reports get to those decision makers within 24 hours. Questionnaires designed by market researchers and distributed by Google Consumer Surveys return analyzed and aggregated responses with a 95 percent confidence level; much better than counting on your intuition.

Our products are designed for ease of use and each addresses a specific need: IdeaRank will tell you whether your ideas are strong enough to withstand your competition. NameTest lets your probable consumer tell you what product name or tag line has the most appeal. Other products we offer help you hit your product’s optimal price point, or judge the consumer demand for what you have to offer.

Every day, faster and faster, technology is creating a level playing field that almost anyone can compete on. Intelligence should be for everyone, everywhere – and making it actionable, affordable, and available is our mission. In the spirit of Google’s original mission statement—“to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”—the price for world-class research is now within reach.