Wouldn’t it be great if you could put your business in your customer’s pocket, so that you could be there for them the moment they need you most, rather than making them seek you out?

Good news; there’s a mobile app for that – yours. And if you haven’t got one, why don’t you? By accelerating your digital business, you can deliver greater agility and customer value – and in doing so, create a new level of customer engagement and loyalty. 

The only thing standing between your business and a great mobile app is lack of imagination. You might say, “Well, my product doesn’t really lend itself to a mobile app” – but that’s more likely a failure of creativity than it is an actual problem.

Can you imagine, for instance, a mobile app for…. bathroom tissue? Charmin did; they developed the “Sit Or Squat” Find a Bathroom app that helps customers “in need” find a public restroom close to wherever they are, and even lets them rate and review them. If you find one that’s not on the list, you can add it, along with your review of the restroom’s cleanliness and accessibility.

The Propel brand of fitness water wanted to encourage people to try its product after workouts – clearly the right moment to offer them a refreshing beverage. How to reach that thirsty customer at the moment he’s most likely to reach for something to drink? Propel used Kiip’s Real Rewards and Moment Targeting to congratulate users with free samples after finishing exercises in Kiip-enabled fitness apps. Results? A 14 % engagement rate, a 60% email click rate, and 51% rise in purchase intent.

As Kiip’s co-founder and CEO Brian Wong says, they realized that, “In mobile, it’s really a series of moments; you evoke your phone in a moment of need”, whether that need is a place to have dinner, a game to fill some idle minutes, or a clean, accessible restroom. It’s a moment of hyper-engagement, when you’re really “with” your consumer, in a way that serves his needs and allows your brand to engage with them in a meaningful way.

But you’ve got to be there on their phone if you want to share these moments. There are 1.33 million apps out there – and one of them needs to be yours.