I went with WOW - Thanks For the Win, CDMN!

     If there’s anything more gratifying professionally than getting a hearty vote of confidence in your enterprise in the form of a coveted prize, I don’t know what that might be.

               That’s why I want to take this opportunity to thank the Canadian Digital Media Network for offering ValidateIt a spot in the CDMN Soft Landing program, which (as they explain on their website) offers “qualified, mature startups and small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) exposure to business opportunities around the world. It provides the opportunity to work from an accelerator, incubator or co-working space to obtain regional support and resources for the right connections to help open new markets, close international sales or connect with new partners.”

            I appreciate this honor as much for what it says about what they saw in my company as I do for the value of the prize itself. The CDMN’s purpose in giving these opportunities is to create companies, jobs and wealth for the nation. My aim in starting ValidateIt was to do the same – for the many companies, big and small, who are already discovering the power of our DIY technology insight platform.

     As the testimonials on our website show, we’re making a difference for our clients, and bringing quick access to actionable, affordable market intelligence not only to big companies, but to a lot of smaller companies too that previously wouldn’t have been able to find the budget for this kind of thing. They’re using our platform to evaluate consumer demand for their product, to rank their product ideas and select the strongest names, and to validate their pricing – in short, to help them avoid making the kinds of costly business mistakes that can tank a company and end a start-up dream.

     That’s a mission that’s close to my heart, and as challenging as it is to launch a start-up, I’m as excited to get up and get to work every day as I’ve ever been in my life. That, to me, is the ultimate reward, the prize beyond prizes – and the thrill of being an entrepreneur.

            Thank you, CDMN, for your vote of confidence. We’ll do great things together!