An unexpected actionable truth about your consumers which has the potential to persuade a sustainable positive change in their behaviour
— Corrine Sandler, Founder of Fresh Intelligence


An analysis of the market that identifies gaps and uncovers opportunities for massive growth.

Innovative  approaches are used to reveal high value opportunities.

SPACE™  integrates quantitative insights from advanced analytics with inspiring stories from ethnography.

SPACE™ will answer: 

  • What are my consumers’ underlying mindsets, pain points, moods, motivations, desires, and aspirations and what will trigger their attitudes and actions to buy?
  • What is my niche, or should I create one? 
  • What are my unsaturated communication territories? 
  • What are my unsatisfied consumer segments?
  • Where is my brand’s highest growth opportunity?


A pre-testing quali-quant tool for product ideas and early-stage advertising concepts.

Our methodology transforms your idea into an effective concept with strong potential for profitable growth.

FirstTHIRST™ will answer:

  • Which strategic and creative direction will provide the most competitive edge and differentiate my brand?
  • How can I improve my idea to maximize success and minimize risk?
  • 3R’s:  Resonance, Responsiveness, and Reactions.
  • What idea will have the greatest emotional impact/appeal?
  • Who is my most responsive target audience?
  • How do I create a relevant message that will resonate with my target audience? 
  • Will the idea generate the desired reaction and purchase?


A world-class advertising pre-testing model, THIRST® measures success against what really matters – current benchmarks which are relevant to your target and to your existing market situation.

THIRST ® provides:

  • A proven methodology using NowNorms™ - the most targeted, relevant, and up-to-date benchmarks available, superseding outdated generic norms.
  • Insights on the category, customer, and competitive set that reveal drivers of success specific to your market.
  • Optimization of your creative concept and message, based on conscious and unconscious drivers of human behaviour and memory.
  • Actionable recommendations on how to maximize the impact of your ads.


A robust tracking model that turns hindsight into foresight, uncovering drivers of success relevant to your brand.

PULSE™ answers key questions:

  • How healthy is my brand? What are the emerging trends and threats? 
    • NowNorms™ (current competitive activity) provides you with the most customized and up-to-date benchmarks available.
  • What is my Marketing ROI? Which touchpoints and activations create the greatest impact for my brand?  
  • Is my brand growing? 
  • Am I building an emotional connection with my brand?
    • The key to boosting brand equity is to increase real loyalty - the feeling that drives behaviour, rather than just the behaviour itself. Track emotional loyalty with our Emotional Engagement Index (EEI).   Receive one score that provides a true prediction of your customers’ long-term loyalty.

We provide custom insights fast. We design and develop proprietary methodologies and analytics for you, providing the outcome you need through robust customized research design. We are technology agnostic, using the latest available technology platforms required to meet your research design objectives.

Our additional approaches and tools include but are not limited to: 

  • Predictive regression modeling

  • Price elasticity analysis

  • Price sensitivity and demand optimization

  • Perceptual mapping and correspondence analysis 

  • Segmentation 

  • Consumer decision trees

  • TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency)

  • EEI™ – Emotional Engagement Index

  • MaxDiff 

  • Conjoint analysis

  • Drivers and barriers analysis

  • Penalty and reward analysis

  • Importance / Performance analysis

  • Implicit association test

  • Emotional self-report