Erin Deviney

When you look at your average day, how many things do you do habitually, without even thinking about them? Perhaps making your morning pot of coffee, or washing your hair every second day; dropping your keys in a specific spot when you first get home, or arriving at work within minutes of the same time every day? These are the kinds of routine actions we all take, without so much as a second thought.

Now imagine if the buying of your product by a given customer was as routine as setting their alarm clock before going to sleep? That is far better and more reliable than intended loyalty; that is unconscious behavioural routine.

At Fresh, we believe that in order to maintain or disrupt routine, you first need to understand it.  Our Behavioural Plasticity models delve into the habits and routines of your current customers in order to retain them, and identify key points of disruption to win your competitor’s customers.

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