Fresh Intelligence launches the 3E Model


Living in our fast paced environment, people are quick to change jobs, houses, partners, careers, – and of course brands! Loyalty is a serious investment. “Devotion, consistency, allegiance, fidelity all imply a sense of duty; a devoted attachment to something or someone.” We as consumers and shoppers are no longer brand loyal.  We have too many choices, too much information and there are always new and better options available.

The old path to purchase model of “Awareness – Familiarity – Consideration – Purchase and finally Loyalty” is dead.

Consumers will stay with your brand as long as you can create a purchase routine based on 3Es:

1. EMOTION: Create a relevant emotional connection.

2. EXPERIENCE:  Provide an authentic unique experience.

3. ENGAGEMENT: Maintain regular engagement across touchpoints.

Fresh formulated this new model by analyzing consumer and shopper behaviour across many quantitative and qualitative studies. What brands need to focus on is creating and facilitating routines. When shoppers are ready to buy without thinking; thereby skipping evaluation, you have secured them as your sustainable customer base.

Starbuck's mobile order before you arrive, Just Eat's automatic reorders, and Amazons Prime's “Subscribe and Save” are just a few examples of businesses encouraging and engaging buying routines.

Our 3E insight model will show you how to move a shopper from I want and I need, to I have, allowing the trigger to be automatic and by passing the evaluation stage. When a shopper moves from consideration to purchase without thinking – this is routine.

Learn about how to create powerful 3Es for your brand using insights from Fresh. Please email for more information.

2018 Path to Purchase Summit