Olga Denisova

Being a process driven person and running operations, my daily work habits have become routine. Although, in any growing business, like Fresh, it's crucial to be able to have a reliable and effective strategy for building new processes and being open to change existing habits.

What I have learnt over my tenure as a lead in operations and data processing is that we need to develop a complete understanding of the habitual behaviour in focus and then analyse how might it be built, maintained and broken or changed.

Fortunately, over the past few decades, valuable new insights from the rapidly growing field of behavioural science – including from psychology, neuroscience, and behaviour change techniques – have given us the concepts, frameworks and tools for us to not only better understand habitual behaviours but also to inform and inspire the development of a best practice approach to building or breaking habits.

It's inspiring to be able to see this in action not only in my day to day job function but in the application of research at Fresh.

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