In 1887, psychologist and philosopher William James observed that, “Ninety-nine percent of human activity is done out of mere habit”. Clearly, this is not a new phenomenon - yet most marketers continue to focus too narrowly on changing intent, failing to factor in the primacy of habit.

No matter how motivated consumers may be to try your product or service, or how unhappy they are with their current situation, if you do not create a comprehensive plan for changing their habitual behaviour, you are unlikely to have a significant influence on them. Around half of new products introduced to the marketplace fail*; why? The key is habit: When new behaviours – new products or services – are not adopted, the real problem often lies not in a lack of awareness or knowledge on the consumer’s part, or even a lack of intention to use, but in the failure of the marketer to persuade the consumer to change existing habits or to adopt new ones.

At Fresh, all of our research models have Behavioural Plasticity metrics built into them, so we can make your brand part of your consumer’s routine.

* Andrew, J., & Sirkin, H. (2003). Innovating for cash. Harvard Business Review, 81, 76–83. doi:10.1225/R0309E


Fresh Research Models

We find the points of disruption, providing insights that get your targeted consumer or customer to re-evaluate or reinforce the way they feel, think and act. Our 3E model of Behavioural Plasticity allows Fresh to ensure that the research we deliver has real world impact and will influence behaviour now and in the future.



If your ad dollars are moving online as rapidly as most major advertisers’, then ensuring ROI is key. It’s not just about the click: It’s about permanent impact on brand and your consumer’s behaviour. You might have data from Facebook or Google, but do you know if your message was delivered? Did you drive purchase or brand equity? If you’re not sure, you need to be.

If your current digital pre-test methodology asks respondents about the intent to skip, we strongly suggest it’s time to rethink your choice. Real life behaviour is not the same as intentions. FreshDigital™ has been validated to in market social data. It helps you to accurately predict digital success, and to optimize and launch only the ads which will influence consumers behaviour.


Launching a new product or brand?

Ask yourself…

  • Does it tap into a relevant pain point and resonate with consumers on an emotional level?

  • Does it resonate with the right consumer?

  • Is your new product idea strong enough to break the consumer’s habit of buying your competitors’ brands or categories?

Don’t let purchase intent kill your creative ideas! FreshLaunch™ can help you to present your product in a way that will capture your consumer’s attention and hold it – even with a low purchase intent score.


Are you adding a new variety or flavour to your product line, or adding new claims to the packaging? Don’t let a high purchase intent score lead you to make the wrong decisions; varieties with the highest purchase intent may not be most profitable way to go for your business. Ask yourself… could this new product variety potentially cannibalize your core line of products?

FreshLine™ can tell you whether your product can break through the competitive clutter to complement, not cannibalize, your current line of products. It is based on simulating shoppers’ choice behaviour, marrying discrete choice and concept testing in one powerful methodology.


New strategy? New advertising campaign? Is your strategy powerful enough to cut through the noise, grab attention, resonate emotionally and lay the groundwork for establishing new consumer habits?

We use a groundbreaking approach to benchmark and analyze the current actual clutter surrounding your target audience, to measure your product’s breakthrough potential and dig deep into message understanding and the strength of your insight. We focus on optimization and provide deep understanding of how you can change consumer behaviour with your campaign, using predictive analytics and path modelling to forecast behaviour change.


Are you sure your ad spend is reaching your targets? What channels do your consumers consistently use to stay in touch with your brand and, more importantly, which of those actually drove sales?

TouchPoint360™ is here to provide a 360 evaluation of your consumer touchpoints and assign a weight to each of them, based on its ability to change consumer behaviour, and providing a full assessment of the emotional engagement and experience with your brand.


It’s likely you’ve already done a segmentation study, and aligned your organization around your main target. Maybe you also ran a long Usage and Attitude study a few years back. Yet you still have the sinking feeling that you’re losing touch with your target’s ever-changing needs and pain points.

Do you genuinely understand your targets’ desires? Can you accurately predict their next demand? Do you know what they feel about your brand, how engaged they are, and how they felt about their most recent interaction experience? Most critically, do you know what their habits are, and how to break or reinforce them?

FreshTarget™ is the next generation of segmentation + U & A study. Employing conjoint, CHAID and other hierarchical decision-making analytical techniques, it brings your understanding of your target to a whole new level, inspiring effective innovations and fresh communication strategies that will sustainably impact your target’s behaviour.


The traditional path-to-purchase model is dead - but the new one seems to be too complex and tough to apply to the realities of your business. If this is your headache, it’s time to develop Shopper Journey model specifically for your business, your brand and your target. FreshJourney™ is based on combining in-depth ethnographic techniques with advanced analytics to reveal emotions, experiences and points of engagement on the consumer’s journey to purchasing your brand. This relevant, actionable model outlines real behaviour in the real market – your market.


When your unique problems require uniquely customized solutions, yourFresh™ is research done your way. Our research design innovations and our out-of-the-box holistic approach to developing methodologies are here to serve you. We’ll bring the brainstorm to your office, with fresh approaches that meets your specific needs. From neuroscience, ethnography, video journaling, mobile mystery shopping, to regression and structural equation modelling – we have it all in our toolbox and we’re eager to bring you actionable insights, now.