Shopper insights are consumer insights in a retail environment; penetrating truths about your shoppers that allow you to bridge the gap between consumer and shopper behaviour, and drive purchase.
— Corrine Sandler, Founder of Fresh Intelligence


Our shop model is dedicated to uncovering shoppers’ decision-making and purchase behaviour, both before they shop and at the moment of shopping in-store. SHOP™ consists of a virtual online shopping exercise and tools that reveal shoppers’ logic and decision-making on a subconscious level.

Our SHOP™ model includes

  • Shopping occasion clustering: building a relevant set of consumption and shopping occasions.
  • Identifying which occasions and consumption moments you should own.
  • Conjoint analysis: building successful innovations using trade-off analysis to understand how your shoppers make choices.
  • Sorting exercise and hierarchical clustering of product associations: Allow shoppers to organize your aisle and product categories and reveal their inherent shopping logic.


FreshMobile™ is our hybrid quali-quant methodology based on mobile data collection. Using smartphones, tablets, phablets, and even feature phones in developing countries, it allows the collection of photos, images, videos, and feedback from the moment of purchase.

Fresh Mobile™ based surveys answer questions such as:

  • Is our product in the right aisle? 
  • Where can we better position our product? 
  • How can we improve the aisle and its presence?
  • How can we drive spontaneous decisions in-store? 
  • How can we bring back lapsed purchasers? 
  • What is the role of our packaging at in-the-moment decision-making? 
  • How can our packaging be optimized?


Our Digital Consumer Decision Journey model will outline key stages of your shoppers’ path to purchase, both online and offline. All touch points that impact purchase decisions are evaluated and analyzed.

FreshPath™ will answer your shopper journey questions, including:

  • How can we convert more shoppers into buyers?
  • How can we optimize the content of each touch point in order to improve brand equity and increase purchase?
  • At which point in the path to purchase is communication most crucial and what should the content of that communication be?


FreshLine™ will tell you which new products will bring the most incremental growth to your brand. This TURF-based methodology goes further and calculates not just maximum consumer reach of the optimal line, but also volume; based on price and frequency.

FreshLine™ answers questions like:

  • Which new additions to my current line can I launch, without cannibalizing my best-selling products?
  • How many more products can I add to my line before it reaches saturation?
  • Which current product should I discontinue and replace with new ones in order to increase sales? 
  • Why are certain products more incremental than others, and what needs do they fulfill in the market?


Our FreshPack™ model uses advanced analytics and virtual simulation to predict how your new packaging will perform in market.

Fresh Pack™ answers questions such as:

  • What is the shoppers’ unconscious ability to retain the brand name?
  • What is the ability of the target to understand and retain the desired messages?
  • What is the optimal package design? 
  • What are shoppers most attentive to (using hot spot technology)?

We provide custom shopper insights fast. We design and develop proprietary shopper methodologies and analytics for you, providing the outcome you need through robust, customized shopper research design.

Our additional approaches and tools include, but are not limited to:

  • Package HotSpots

  • Fast brand recognition 

  • Message optimization on package

  • Occasions and need-states

  • In-lab simulation testing with EEG measurement

  • In-store observations and intercepts

  • In-market test control experiments